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If you want to take your brand or vision to the next level, while better understanding your customers and your media spend, Give Tri a Try.

Founded in 2015,

Tri Media is a digital media consultancy and media buying agency.
Unlike most agencies who rely on third parties to place media adding layers of costs and complexity, we are the direct source of the media.
We have direct access to the best media in the world through our Google DV360 and Google Authorized Buyers accounts giving us far superior pricing and targeting for Display, Video, CTV, Digital Audio, Youtube, and DOOH.
Tri Media also has expertise at placing DOOH, and has Device ID and App Distribution platforms
Media Buying
Display, Search, Video / In-Stream Video, ConnectedTV, LinearTV, Digital Audio, Social, Youtube
Device ID Targeting
Target individuals who visit physical locations (stadiums, retail stores, your competitor's locations) and serve ads on their phones
Website Monetization
Serverside Headerbidding technology and demand from all the major networks
Experiential Marketing
Experts in legal age marketing programs and data capture
Creative Design
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Video/Audio Production
Digital or Static Worldwide Placement


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